Doctor Loans

Doctor loans are specialized mortgage programs designed for medical professionals. They often come with favorable terms, such as low or no down payment, exclusion of student loan debt from debt-to-income calculations, and higher loan limits. This service page will explain the unique aspects of doctor loans, including who qualifies, the benefits, and what makes them different from other mortgage products.

Loan Requirements

Recommended loan requirements

  • Proof of medical degree and employment (or employment contract).
  • Good credit score, often around 700 or higher.
  • Debt-to-income ratio that accommodates potentially large student loans.
  • Some programs allow for 100% financing with no down payment.
  • Doctor loans often require little to no down payment, exclude student debt from loan considerations, and offer higher loan limits.

  • Typically, these loans are available to physicians, dentists, and other select medical professionals with a signed employment contract.

  • Yes, new graduates can qualify, often with proof of future income, like a signed contract for employment.

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